Sunday, October 21, 2012

M6416: Pajanimals Halloween Costume

When I expressed concern to my husband that this costume was shaping up to look more like a green bunny than a dog, he said, "But Buster had really long ears and he didn't look like a bunny."

But Buster was a real dog, so that's probably why. This is a costume, and it looks like a bunny, in spite of being a dog costume.

My LO is still young enough that I get to pick his costume, although I'm sure he might've chosen this one himself. He loves the Pajanimals AND doggies, so I chose Apollo, the Pajanimals' green doggie.

The Pajanimals are a slightly more obscure Muppet, as you can really only get them if you have the cable network "Sprout".

I used McCall's 6416, which I believe JUST went out of print. It must not've been very popular; I can't really find anyone else who's sewn it up on the Internet.

It came together pretty easily. I underlined the jumpsuit with muslin for extra warmth and to make the costume last longer. The pattern called for lining the hood and booties, which I did. I skipped their fur collar since Apollo is supposed to be wearing pajamas.

The only part I had a problem with was stitching down the hood lining. They wanted me to hand stitch it, which I avoid at all costs. So I machine sewed it and not all of the lining caught. There was also way too much ease in the lining.

Also, McCalls apparently recently changed their infant and toddler sizing. I think this is the old sizing? It went from 1/2 to size 4. Since the chest measurements were all so close in size, it was a major pill to figure out what size to make. I did find one message board that seemed to think 1/2 equaled 6 months, 1 was for 12 months, and so on and so forth... so I made him (17 months) a size 2. A little large, but it works.
I had to dye the fabric to get it closer to Apollo's coloring; the purple took but the green didn't. (More on this later!) I also had to use some kind of blanket fabric for the "fur", as JoAnn only carries natural colored fur in browns, blacks, and whites.

After I decided to make him this costume, I found they sell a licensed, commercial one that retails for about $30. The Pajanimals must be gaining in popularity, because they didn't really have much licensed merchandise on the market this time last year, save a DVD and CD. I hope to buy him the plush soon!

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