Monday, July 8, 2013

Toddler boy's room progress (hint: not much)

It's been almost two years since I posted about my plans for my son's room to have a "robots in space" theme.

He does have his own, functioning room now, but it's far from decorated, and it's safe to say the robots in space theme has been abandoned for pretty much my fave aesthetic--"vintage eclectic." Not that it looks like anything more than a bed thrown in a room right now! Still, I thought I'd go ahead and document the progress (or lack of) we've made in there.

I don't have any before pictures of his room, but here's how the master bedroom looked when we moved in:
The second bedroom had the same forest green carpet, wood short baseboards and wooden switch plate covers, dated ceiling fan, popcorn ceiling, and blinds.

Here it is about a year after moving in, from my Instagram:
The room wasn't the focus of this picture, and I have an Instagram filter on it, so it's hard to see much room detail here. But you can see it still has the green carpet and wooden baseboards.

Since this picture was taken, we've:

  • changed the flooring in here, and the whole house
  • painted the walls (they went from a dingy flat white to a bright high-gloss white)
  • installed new baseboards
  • scraped off the popcorn ceiling in here, and the whole house
  • removed the old, dingy blinds
These changes meant his room went from somewhat put together, including things like pictures and his nursery letters on the wall, to back to looking like we just moved in. In fact, when the blinds came down, we didn't have a game plan in place, so we tacked up blackout curtains that weren't being used.

There is still so much to tackle!

  • paint (and re-texture?) the ceiling-- I know you can't see it in this pictures, but it's basically exposed drywall
  • purchase a new closet door--my husband busted the last one trying to get it down so he could paint
  • paint the bedroom door (and the rest in the house)
  • replace the gold/brass doorknobs (along with the rest in the house)
  • change out the ceiling fan
  • install new shutters
  • re-hang art! And perhaps make some more.
  • DIY and install a headboard
  • paint both the bookshelf and the nightstand in the pics above--they're both from my childhood and have seen better days
  • refinish this toybox I thrifted
  • purchase or DIY a bedskirt
  • finish his robots in space quilt-- the toddler-sized Thomas the Train quilt is too small for his twin bed
  • purchase a new quality area rug--the one in the above Intsagram was one of those cheap rubber-backed ones from Big Lots, went through the wash machine one too many times, and was toast. I've since sworn off cheap area rugs.

I'm sure I've left plenty off this list...and this is only his room. Wah, wah.

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  1. Although you have that list of things to still accomplish, it appears to have come a long way from that greet carpet and gold trim!!


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